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Advanced Web Scraping and Data Extraction Services

We can extract data from any website, and deliver it to you in the format of your choice. Our web scraping/crawling infrastructure is designed to scrape a large number of websites fast and easily, allowing to save valuable time and minimize efforts.

  1. No need for additional software – Web scraping and data extraction can be complicated. Why waste time finding a scraping software, invest in it, and then try to learn it? Just tell us what you need, sit back, and relax: your data will be delivered shortly.
  2. Advanced scraping techniques – Traditional scraping techniques are limited in their data extraction abilities. Today, some websites require authentication, others use JavaScript to make their data unclear. Our advanced scraping techniques allow to bypass those issues and get your data fast and easy.
  3. Captcha? No problems – We can scrape data from websites that use Captcha restrictions. Most scraping services out there crumble against it, but we got your back.
  4. Fast delivery – Although the delivery times depend on how much data you need, we will still make it in the shortest time possible.
  5. Affordable – We believe that web scraping should be available to anyone, and big budgets shouldn’t be a concern. Our affordable pricing helps you cut a lot of unnecessary costs and get what you need.
  6. Pick any file format – Depending on your preferences, we can pile up the scraped data into any other format you desire.

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Our clients feedback

VP of Marketing

eCommerce Company

DataHen helped me get the exact data I needed for my analytics team. Not only that, but they did it in a remarkably short period of time and managed to succeed where dozens of other software and tools that I used prior, failed. I don’t know what kind of magic they use, but it gets the job done!

Technolodgy Director

Service Company

I originally tried to scrape data internally within our department, but after months of dealing with banned IPs, and maintenance of the scrapers we were about to give up. We worked with Datahen, and let their team of professionals do what they do best. Now my team can focus back on what our core competencies are and leave the scraping up to Datahen’s experts!Definitely will work with them in the future.

VP of Engineering

SaaS Company

I came across DataHen while searching for a way to scrape some data on a large eCommerce website, and decided to give them a try. The results those guys delivered were astonishing! I really liked the thoroughness of their work, getting every bit of data needed, even without any specific requests. I would definitely recommend them as highly qualified professionals.

CEO & Founder

Startup Company

We had very specific requirements for our project, and needed to find a team that we could partner with for the long haul. DataHen helped tailor their solution to match our internal process, and were always very flexible/accommodating with any request we had. We’re glad we were able to find a data partner, and would gladly recommend their services!