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Web Scraping

Customizable and scalable Platform and Services for Enterprise Web Scraping.

API Integrations

Integrate with multiple external APIs to collect your data in a standardized form.

ETL Processes

Process, Clean and Structure Data just the way you need it.

Business Intelligence Connectivity

Connect your Favorite Business Intelligence Tool to Clean Structured Web Data.


Don't take our words for it, read what others have to say.

  • “DataHen helped me get the exact data I needed for my analytics team. Not only that, but they did it in a remarkably short period of time and managed to succeed where dozens of other software and tools that I used prior, failed. I don’t know what kind of magic they use, but it gets the job done!”
    VP of Marketing
    An eCommerce Company
  • “I originally tried to scrape data internally within our department, but after months of dealing with banned IPs, and maintenance of the scrapers we were about to give up. We worked with DataHen, and let their team of professionals do what they do best. Now my team can focus back on what our core competencies are and leave the data crawling and scraping up to DataHen’s experts! Definitely will work with them in the future.”
    Tech Director
    A Service Company
  • “I came across DataHen while searching for a way to scrape some data on a large eCommerce website, and decided to give them a try. The results those guys delivered were astonishing! I really liked the thoroughness of their work, getting every bit of data needed, even without any specific requests. I would definitely recommend them as highly qualified professionals.”
    VP of Engineering
    A SAAS Company
  • “We had very specific requirements for our project, and needed to find a team that we could partner with for the long haul. DataHen helped tailor their solution to match our internal process, and were always very flexible/accommodating with any request we had. We’re glad we were able to find a data partner, and would gladly recommend their services!”
    CEO & Founder
    A Tech Startup