Data scraping has come to be a highly effective tool for businesses that want to carry out a successful market and competitor research which will let them employ more effective and beneficial business strategies.

When it comes to travel agencies and airline ticket websites, data scraping services work the best. By using quality web scraping services, airline ticket website owners will be able to collect relevant data from the market and set the best prices for tickets and become more competitive.

Before diving deeper into the ways in which data scraping helps airline ticket websites become more successful in the market, let’s first see what data scraping is and how it is used. You need to understand the basics as a business owner even if you think your data scraping service is trustworthy and will handle everything for you.

Data scraping, otherwise known as web scraping, is a tool which helps extract the information you need in huge amounts. In simple words, it releases you from the dull process of copy-pasting or having to go through a number of websites whenever you need specific data.

A data scraping tool will automatically search for the required information and will import it from a certain website into a spreadsheet.

Data scraping has many other applications and is a great tool for improving the position of your business when used in the right way.

Time to see how data scraping services will help your airline ticket website or travel agency gain a competitive advantage.

Data Scraping Services Will Boost Your Airline Ticket Business

Now that you have some general idea about data scraping and how it works, it’s high time to see how it will help your airline ticket website become more competitive and be a success in the market.



As a business owner, the best choice for you would be outsourcing your data scraping project to specialized data scraping services. The latter is a small but useful investment which will help you have a more organized and appropriate data for your business.

Data scraping services will do the whole work for you releasing you from having to face the complicated encounters with data scraping software. Besides, the sensitive ethical sides of the process will be handled smoothly by the experts too.

Still wondering why you should outsource your market research project to data scraping services? Below are a few reasons to show you why trusting the professionals, especially a subtle topic like airline ticket pricing, is the best choice for your travel agency.

Being an extremely useful and beneficial tool, data scraping should be used wisely in order to help your business improve its position among the competitors. Airline ticket prices are always changing depending on a number of factors such as touristic/non-touristic seasons, weather, the situation of the destination country, holidays, etc. And above all, different travel agencies and airline ticket websites keep changing their prices not only depending on these external factors but also company-internal ones. All of this implies that your research is to be thorough and take into consideration a number of different aspects of the travel industry. With data scraping services you won’t have to worry that any of the above-mentioned points might be missed out. They will do everything in a high-quality and detail-oriented manner.

There seem to be so many challenges regarding the research in the travel field, but what do we know about the actual effectiveness of data scraping for airline ticket websites? How it works and what type of data should be scrapped? Keep reading to find the answers to these questions and more!

Travel businesses can make use of such data as:

  • Travel listings
  • Reviewers’ profiles
  • Hotel reviews
  • Flight details (arrival time, departure time, flight duration)
  • Ticket prices (their changes throughout the year)

Airplane arriving


But, in the end, what are the actual benefits of using data scraping services to get the data enumerated above? Find a list of the advantages of data scraping services for your airline ticket website or travel company listed below:

  • Aggregation of a Huge Amount of Data in the Shortest Possible Time
    It goes without saying that the web holds a massive amount of data regarding pretty much everything and travel-related topics and airline ticket prices are not an exception. Though this information can really be helpful for your business, it is incredibly difficult to collect and filter it without any useful tool, by simply copying and pasting (moreover some websites won’t let you copy their information). But here is when data scraping kicks in and solves your data gathering issues. Data scraping services will automatically deliver all the information you need regarding travel bookings and airline tickets in a spreadsheet in your desired format within a short amount of time. This will help your business achieve its goals faster than you could expect.
  • Competitor Price Comparison
    As an owner of an airline ticket website, data scraping will help you a lot in the process of setting the right and fair prices to the tickets. Web scraping services will provide you with the list of ticket prices extracted from various relevant websites, including those of your competitors and in your desired file format saving your time. This way you will have the information you need at hand in a single place and won’t have to go back and forth from one website to another for checking the prices and understanding the logic which different companies use for determining a price. Besides, you can always keep track of the changes in the prices of airline tickets as they keep fluctuating all the time depending on many different factors some of which we have already mentioned above (touristic/non-touristic seasons, weather, the situation of the destination country, holidays, etc.). Due to data scraping services, the tracking process will also be easier as you can ask your service provider to carry out a regular data scraping. Thus, all you will need to do is adjusting your ticket prices in a corresponding way.
  • Scraped Customer Reviews
    As a bonus point, you can also have customer reviews scraped. Due to this, you will be able to understand the preferences of customers, what they like or don’t like, or whether they consider the ticket prices set by your competitors fair or unfair and why. This will help you determine your own airline ticket price policy according to the needs of the customers and attract more leads.
  • Details and More Details
    Besides the data points listed above that you will be able to collect by means of data scraping services, there are other details that you can get about other travel companies and their experience in the field. To be successful in this huge travel business, airline ticket comparison might not be enough. You need to take into consideration many other details (of course, this refers to the companies which have plans to expand in the future covering a wider range of travel services than just airline ticket selling). These details can include such facts as facilities provided during the flight, the stops (if there happen to be any), and other relevant information. Knowing such things and learning on others’ experience you will be able to decide what to provide your customers during flights, what are the things that they need the most, what will ensure a great travel experience, etc.

Note: There is so much information available on the web today that one might get lost in it when trying to find something relevant and genuine. You can’t trust all websites for providing trustworthy data. Thus, for the best results of both the data scraping process and of the possible further growth of your business, you should make sure you have chosen the right websites for carrying out the data scraping.

Data Scraping Services: What Will They Provide?

Data scraping services will help you by providing the following advantageous features:

  • Time-Saving: Having your airline ticket pricing and other related research done by data scraping services will save you a lot of time. Instead of wasting your precious time doing the whole research yourself or understanding the key points of data scraping software so as to use it on your own, you can simply trust the professionals. While they will be working on your project, you will be able to focus on more important parts of your business and enjoy the results later. Especially if you are a startup in the airline business, you need to make wise decisions regarding your business strategy and tactics in order to have your place in the hugely competitive market.
  • Affordable: The prices of web scraping services can vary depending on your project but they are mostly affordable and usually pay you back by bringing growth to your business. Especially, if the service provides an automated tool for data scraping, it also hugely affects the affordability of the overall process.
  • Ease of Use: A good web scraping service will solve the “painful” parts of your data scraping process such as authentication or any possible coding issues.
  • Extracted Data from Websites in Your Desired Format: Data scraping services will deliver your data to you in the file format that is most convenient for you and your business’ needs.

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As you can see, with the fast-paced increase of the information available on the Internet, data scraping services are becoming more and more popular every day and are penetrating almost every sphere of market research, businesses, and entrepreneurship. Thus, as a business owner, you should realize the importance of investing in a data scraping service in the third millennium. Having a high-quality database that contains relevant information regarding your business, your competitors, and the overall market at hand has never been more crucial, especially for startup companies such as travel agencies or airline ticket websites.

Increase your sales and become one of the most demanded airline ticket selling companies by setting up attractive prices and determining other relevant and wise business strategies for your potential customers with the little help of data scraping services.