Social media, especially Facebook, has taken the world by storm. Currently, it sits as the second most visited website in the world. Every day billions of people use Facebook to interact with their friends, family, and businesses to talk about things which matter to them.

As such, if you have a business, data crawling on Facebook is a great opportunity for you to grow your business. Because everyday people share billions of posts, videos, and pictures, you can tap into the valuable data to discover different kinds of information.

You’ll be able to use this information to improve your marketing, refine your target audience, improve your brand image and much more. Not taking advantage of a platform like Facebook would be a terrible missed opportunity.

That’s why in this article, we’d like to show you how you can use data scraping services to scrape data from Facebook – and use it to uncover meaningful data regarding your audience, your competition, and your industry. So, without further ado, let’s discuss three ways you can use the data you gain from Facebook scraping in your business.

1. Social Media Campaign Planning

If you want to create a good social media campaign (or any kind of marketing campaign, really), you need data about your target audience. Not only that, you need to know who your target audience is.

This is crucial to make your marketing campaign successful.

Here, data scraping can help you immensely. You can perform facebook scraping to find out what kinds of posts go viral, what time people are most active, what competing pages your target audience follows, what kind of followers your competing pages have and many other kinds of information.

All this information can be used to identify patterns like what kind of posts are likely to get the most engagement, when is the best time to post an update, who are the people that will be most interested in your business, product or service etc.

This kind of data will be especially useful if you own an eCommerce business. You can use data scraping services to scrape Facebook for reviews on specific products and stores. Find out what kind of products are most popular, by seeing the highest liked posts and videos. You can read customer reviews to find what people are saying about your competitors.

Armed with this information you’ve gained from facebook scraping, you will be able to create much more effective social media marketing campaigns. You will learn a lot of new insights, find better products to market and gain the ability to overall improve your marketing message.


2. Social Media Monitoring

Ok, so you’ve scraped data and gained some pretty great insights into your audience, your competitors, and the market. But what about measuring your campaign performance? That’s important, too, and is something data scraping can help you with.

For example, you can scrape your facebook page and find out which posts have gotten the most likes, most comments, and most reactions. You can find out what products of yours are attracting more audiences.

All this data will be extremely useful because you’ll be able to see how exactly people are reacting to your social media campaign.

All this is important because regularly scraping this information will help you identify trends and patterns. You’ll find out what’s working over the course of your campaigns. You’ll be able to see the average number of posts per month you’ve posted, the number of new followers you’ve got, the number of likes you’re getting, which posts have gotten the most likes and virtually any other kind of information you can think of.

Monitoring your performance will help you make decisions as to what you can do to improve your campaign. You’ll be able to monitor:

  • Which posts get the most engagement which will help you decide what kind of posts you need to create in the future.
  • What products are getting the most likes so you can promote them further?
  • The time when you get the most likes and comments so you can optimize the ideal posting time for publishing new posts etc.

Marketing and Competitor Analysis

Scraping social media to collect data about your market and your social media campaign is not enough. Outside forces have a big hand in the success of your marketing campaign as well. Knowing what your customers and competitors are doing is extremely important.

Facebook scraping can come in handy here as well.

You see, people talk a lot on social media sites. They share their complaints regarding their experiences with people, celebrities and most importantly, with brands and businesses.

You can scrape social media sites, Facebook, in this case, to find those comments and reviews that mention your brand or products. This will allow you to see what people are saying about your business. With this information, you’ll then be able to reach out to the people who are making negative comments and leaving negative reviews – and help to solve their problems directly and publicly. This will allow you to control the conversations about your brand.

And that’s not all, on the other hand, you can also analyze what your competitors are doing. With Facebook scraping, you can scrape data such as how many posts they are posting, how many followers they have, their top posts etc. You can analyze which of their posts are performing well and which aren’t.

With these two kinds of information gained from data crawling, you’ll get data which will give you a competitive advantage. You’ll be one step ahead of both your competitors and the customers. Collecting this kind of data is only possible through data scraping as manually scrolling through millions of posts is extremely difficult.

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