Most marketers have never thought about data scraping as a tool for marketing.  Most might think that it bears no relevance to their prospective field. This couldn’t be further from the truth. If you are a digital marketer, your entire world revolves around search engine optimization (hereinafter SEO). To get a good SEO requires tons of research and you can’t do research without data.

To get good SEO you must utilize keywords, this is what search engines use to search for relevance when searching for a particular topic. Discovering what these keywords are is no simple task. Like many things in life that are up for auction, keyword research can be very unpredictable. You could rank for something that has relevant content and structure it around the keywords you wish, or you miss the opportunity and lose your quality score and ranking as a result. Trying to do all of this manually can be very cumbersome.

Scraping Search Engine Results Teaches You how to Improve your own

By data scraping, you can save yourself a lot of time and trouble. Data scraping can be used to search for these keywords.  You can use data scraping to scrape the content of competitor websites and gain a general understanding of which long tail keywords have obtained for them a good ranking. Of course, the scraping doesn’t logically analyze this data, that is for you to do with what you have received.  This process saves a lot of time and manual labor.  The accuracy is also improved compared to manual research. The best way to utilize these new keywords is in a content blog published weekly that in time gets you respected by all the search engines.  Having the correct keywords is of the utmost importance when it comes to being found on a search engine result.

Scraping for Backlinks is A Must

Scraping keywords is not the only necessity for a good SEO ranking, backlinks are also very important.  Data scraping also comes in handy for helping you to discover the best backlinks to place in your blogs.  Once again data scraping is the key to obtaining good results.  Scrape relevant sites to find what the proper inbound and outbound links that are important for your industry and then place them in your content and watch your SEO rank improve.  Scraping can also be beneficial for making good relationships with other movers and shakers in your field.  You can scrape social media to find the people and then make beneficial relationships that help you become a thought leader in your industry.

Scraping also Helps You to Make Great Relationships

Your content must not only contain the right keywords and backlinks, on your own website but also featured on the guest post for other respected innovators in your industry. Good relationships are how you accomplish this. Use data scraping to find out what blogs and authors perform well on social media and obtain high traffic. Then make contact with these respected or high traffic content writers, request to become a guest blogger for their site, this will also drive lots of relevant traffic to your website.  When you have made these types of relationships, it also builds your credibility in your chosen field of expertise.  Be sure to include backlinks to your site in these guest blogs, that will improve SEO in the long run.  

You want to make it to the first page because ninety percent of people don’t look past the first page of search engine results, the stop at page one.  If your business is strictly online SEO is one of the most critical factors in whether your business sticks around or goes away.  

Don’t Play Russian Roulette with Your Marketing Money, Make Educated Decisions

Even when you have the correct long tail keywords utilized in all your blogs, it still takes about six months to be respected by the search engines.  So, what are you to do in the meantime? The answer is simple, run AdWords campaigns!  But to do even this you must first know what you are doing.  Running an AdWords campaign can be very expensive, thousands of dollars can be won or lost in a single day.  Running an AdWords campaign is just like roulette, if you win, you win big, if you don’t hit the mark with pinpoint accuracy, you wasted all your time, effort, and money.  This is where data scraping again comes into play.  By using data scraping, you can find out how your competitors run successful AdWords campaigns, gather all the important relevant data, then put this into play for your own business.  No reason to reinvent the wheel, or if it isn’t broken, don’t fix it.  Data scraping obtains for you all the necessary information needed to run your own AdWords campaign.  

When It Comes to Online Marketing, All Things Must Be Data Driven

Successfully reaching out to your ideal customers is a tricky task, in reality, you want them to come to you.  Your mission, should you choose to accept it is the help them find you, educate them, and then provide satisfactory service.  Helping them find you requires a data-driven campaign.  This is all based on certain algorithms that you must meet the requirements and prerequisites to help them find you.  In order to be found by these algorithms, you must meet their requirements.  SEO management tools that scrape the results help you beat the system and work it in your favor.  Every year the internet doubles in size, it’s a big digital world out there.  If you want to stay ahead and not drown in cyberspace, you need data, knowledge is power.  SEO scraping tools are how you obtain that power.  Please feel free to contribute in the comments section below about your own experiences, were all in this together.


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