As the famous Japanese businessman and the richest man in Japan Masayoshi Son states, ”Those who rule data will rule the entire world”

Data has totally changed the way we used to do business and deal with customers. Businessmen all over the world are using data as a powerful tool to conduct more effective market research and improve efficiency, stay above the competition and reach their business goals. Having valuable data at hand helps leverage your business and take it to the highest levels.

Web data refers to any type of data that can be found on the Internet. It can be data about competitors and the strategies they use, details about the products they sell and the services they offer, the most popular market vendors, customers’ opinions, reviews and so on. Having all of this information in your local database is possible, that’s what web data scraping services help you achieve.

Everyone uses scraping nowadays. While such a large company as Google still continues to improve its own web scraping and crawling system, there are many popular and professional data scraping service providers in the market that help various enterprises receive the needed data and turn it into valuable information to improve efficiency.

Which are Spheres Data Crawling Is Used Most?


“The best-run companies are data-driven, and this skill sets businesses apart from their competition.”

Tomasz Tunguz

Precise and reliable data is of paramount importance regardless of the sphere it is used in. Web data crawling is increasingly being used in almost every industry for various business purposes. Data crawling results can be implemented to materialize your business goals and enhance your company’s position in the market, see performance and gain competitive advantage, increase market awareness, have a better understanding of consumer habits and demands, improve the quality of marketing campaigns and sales procedures, do more accurate strategic planning, enhance decision-making, as well as measure both internal and external business activities.

So, which are the spheres this powerful technique is implemented most? Though scraping websites is applicable to any sphere, let’s mention the ones that rely on data harvesting techniques and depend on regular data updates.

Here we go:

  • Retail and E-Commerce

Web scraping is just an irreplaceable technique especially for these industries, as it provides such valuable information as details about a product or a service, distribution channels, market trends and vendors, competitor prices, customer reviews, ratings and comments and much more. With the data scraping results, businesses will be able to monitor online marketplaces, analyze market trends and compare prices, organize more productive promotional campaigns, adjust their business strategies, implement price optimization and generate more leads. Amazon and eBay are among the most crawled e-commerce websites, as here you can find information on product listings, categories, payment methods, customer reviews, seller and buyer profiles and so on.

According to Reuters, Chieh Huang, the Chief Executive of e-commerce company Boxed, which is located in New York, acknowledged that they depend on various web scraping methods, to be sure that they are kept updated about competitors’ prices.

advanced web scraping and data extraction services


  • Real Estate

The real estate industry is another quickly growing data scraping area. It is one of the most competitive industries that rely on accurate data to make profitable decisions and successful business deals. Many companies have chosen to crawl real estate listings to gather valuable information and be aware of both current and future market trends. In order to succeed in this industry, one must always be kept updated about property listings, market vendors, prices and fluctuations, property owners and agents, images, sales opportunities, buyer and seller profiles and, of course, competitors’ activities. And this is the data web scraping services provide you with! Almost every MLS company is using such a service nowadays, as well as many real estate agents and brokers who want to succeed in this huge and complex sphere.

  • Travel

The benefits of crawling data from the web for the travel industry are obvious; it helps to reach the competitive edge in this sphere and stand out among a wide variety of travel agencies and companies. Choosing the best data crawling service plays a significant role in the development of travel and tourism business, as it provides you with such important insights as travel listings, tickets, prices, hotels, packages, tourist attractions, travel aggregation, ratings, reviews and travelers’ profiles and much more. With the information extracted, it will be easier to understand your customers’ habits and buying decisions, to implement more accurate targeting and generate more leads in a relatively short period of time.

Websites like TripAdvisor and Expedia are among the most scrapped ones in the travel industry, as they have huge databases of travel listings, hotels, and customer reviews. Ticket prices and flights tend to change hourly and such a valuable data will help you keep track of every single change and take your travel business to the next level.

Get Instant Answers to Your Questions

Exploring powerful insights from the Internet is a unique opportunity for enterprises to grow and strengthen their positions in a particular industry. Data crawling gives an opportunity to have access to the data you need, but getting the needed insights is another issue. Answers Engine is a powerful tool to implement and get an accurate answer to every single question. This tool is super helpful and productive especially when it comes to market analysis. It helps you find such information as store locations, product inventories and discounted product lists, price groupings for products as well as their price history. Great, isn’t it?!

The Key to Success

Yes, reliable data is definitely the key to success. To remain competitive in the business world and overcome all the changes and challenges you have to face on the road leading to success, all you need is to effectively use the data you receive. Web crawling services give you the key, but it’s you who decides which door to open!