When you need massive amounts of data from various sources across the world wide web, you have two options for getting the job done. You could spend laborious hours manually scraping for this information, then fit it all together in your own tediously created database. Or you could hire Datahen. Whether you want hotel rates, apartment rental pricing, lead generation, address location, or product data feeds, Datahen has it and more.

No matter how big or small your needs are. No matter what industry. No matter how neatly hidden in the web the data is, we can find it. With over eleven years in the industry, we have seen everything.


Planning a trip is already enough of a hassle as it is. One thing that shouldn’t distract your attention is finding the right room in the right location, perhaps for the right price. If you are planning a trip and need a place to stay, you need hotel rates, room availability, phone number, and location all at your fingertips in real time if you are to find the best deal. Datahen has all of this and more presented in current data feeds prepared for major hotel chains and brand names. Not only for today, but forecasted seven days out.

Don’t waste time flipping through yellow pages, or googling and then calling over a dozen hotels looking for the right room at the right rate. Use data feeds to access all of this information right at your fingertips without the wild goose chase.

Rental Properties, Don’t Settle for Less than the Best Deal

Find the right place to live is one of the most important decisions you can make. You shouldn’t accept less than your expectations. If you are looking for a new place to stay, don’t sign the lease until you know what all of your options are. Datahen scrapes daily the rental listings for the top two-hundred biggest rental sites in North America. Get the best and most up to date rental data, location, size, rates, everything you need to know, all ready to help you make an educated decision about where you move.

Don’t settle for what looks like the best listing in the local newspaper. Make sure you find the best deal for your desired zip code.

Data Scraping is a Gold Mine for the Real Estate Investor

In the Real Estate industry, everything is based off of data.  All decisions must be made on what these data reveal. Market research is essential for making any sale or purchase. Data for the Real Estate industry can be very cumbersome, and if you are not a realtor with MLS access, gathering all the necessary data in one place can be a nightmare. In order to comprehend the market in any given geographical area you must have property comparisons, price per square foot, market analysis, etc.Without all of this information properly fit into a database for the area you desire to invest in, you won’t be able to make a smart business or home buying decision.

Datahen has all of this prepared in data feeds scraped from all sources. Having all of the listings, (comps), agent information, and market research in database format, without having to research constantly, puts you ahead of the game in your desired market.

Improve the Shopping Experience for Your Customers

In the retail industry, many products compete for quality, quantity, and price.  Product data feeds help both: the shopper and the retailer. They are the best way to present the desired information – you can list products and describe them with details such as price, images, and advertising for e-commerce websites. This improves search engine exposure, price comparison and gets your products out there in front of your desired audience. Datahen scrapes all of this and more on a daily basis, enabling you to have up to date information for purchase or sale of products.

Easily Obtain More Leads

Leads are what keeps any company in business, without a steady supply of good leads, you aren’t in business. They can also be very hard to find. If you are still trying to find leads by the old fashion ways of copying/pasting, then your business is just a step away from being out of business. Lead generation feeds are generated daily by Datahen. Get name, phone number, address, employment history, education background, and social media profiles already prepared in a lead generation data feed. Daily updated, already extracted and CRM-prepared. So you never hear your sales team complain of not having enough leads again.

Customizable Data Feeds for your Needs

Data feeds can be custom-made to fit any industry or data need. Just describe what is required, and Datahen will make it just for You. This saves you from having to spend all the hours of manual labor, or from having to hire a full-time staff. These data feeds are constantly updated so your information is current. Knowledge is power, and with Datahen as your website data extractor, you can have more of that power, more easily.

Imagine how your business will grow having all of this data delivered to you in real time without having to invest money into staff hiring or go through the time-consuming trouble of trying to do it all yourself. Not to mention the problems of inaccuracy. We leverage an advanced, highly scalable platform to fit the projects of any enterprise.

In short, Datahen prepares data feeds for many industries on a daily basis. Scraping all websites for even the hard to find information that is relevant to any industry needs. This is prepared not only for these major industries, but also custom made to specialize in whatever your unique demands may be. No matter how big or small we get the job done, every t crossed, every i dotted, without missing a single detail. Nothing slips through the cracks, we don’t miss a thing.


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