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Product Pricing Data Feeds for your Business Intelligence

Get Fully Managed Product Pricing Data on a Regular Basis From Various Retailers in North America

Saves Time & Effort

Cut the timeframe significantly from needing to plan, develop and deploy internal web scraping projects


Fully Managed

We collect, gather, and regularly maintain the web scraping process, and turn them into structured data to be ingested by your system.

BI Tool Integrations

Receive the Data Feeds regularly into your Business Intelligence Tool

Multiple Sources

Our Structured Data are gathered from a massive number of websites across the web.

Product Pricing from the top retailers, such as:

Fields include:

  • Product Name + Description
  • Product ID + SKU
  • Customer Rating
  • Price
  • Promotion details (when available)
  • Inventory information by store, size, colour(when available)

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