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Fully Managed, Dedicated Web Scraping & Crawling Platform For Development Teams of Enterprises & Startups

Battle Tested Web Scraping/Crawling Infrastructure & Platform for Enterprises and Startups Needing to Scrape or Crawl Large Number of Websites at Faster Scale

Saves Time & Effort

Short Learning Curve. Easy to use Platform for Web Scraping and Data Extraction at a Massive Scale


Fully Managed Infrastructure

Dedicated Web Scraping Platform that we Fully Manage for you, hassle Free.


Integrated Development Flow

Robust End to End Infrastructure for your Team to Develop, Run & Maintain Web Scrapers & Crawlers at a Massive Scale

Multi User Access

Bring Your Team Members to Develop Scrapers to Scrape Hundreds, even Thousands of Websites, Easily.

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End-To-End Web Scraper Development, Execution, & Maintenance

Integrated environment to develop, execute, and maintain web scrapers at a large scale.


1. Web Scraper Development

Web Based Code Editor

Intregrated Web based code editor for seamless end-to-end scraper development and deployment process.

Ruby Based Scripting Language

Easy to learn, yet powerful, object-oriented programming language.

Browser Based Scrapers

Choose to use Firefox, Chrome, or PhantomJS for real browser scrapes that allows for scraping websites with high interaction that requires AJAX and Javascript, and Cookies

HTTP Based Scrapers

Choose from any Ruby based HTTP libraries, such as Typheous or Faraday, or just plain old Net::HTTP

Multi User Collaboration

Keep track of who did what and when, and also write comments on the scrapers for better development workflow.

Customizable User Agent String

Ability to override the default User Agent string, for further anonymity of the scrapers.

Reusable Custom Libraries

Reuse codes among multiple scrapers, for ease of maintenance.

Code Version History

Keep track of script changes, in order to know what was changed and who changed it.

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Contact us Today to Request a Demo
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2. Web Scraper Execution

Recurring Scrape Scheduler

Schedule your scrapers to run on a certain schedule, whether it be daily, weekly, monthly or set your own custom schedule.

Run Scrapers in Parallel

Run multiple scrapers in parallel to scrape more data in less time.

Scrape History

Keep track of the scraper executions and the results of the scrapes as time progresses.

Anonymous Scraping

Scrape using rotating IPs to anonymize your scrapers.

Web Based CSV Viewer

View the records as it is being scraped to see if the results are correct.

Web Based Scrape Log Viewer

View the scraper’s log as it is running, to see if there are any issues or not.

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Contact us Today to Request a Demo
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3. Web Scraper Maintenance

Error Logs

As a scraper runs, if it encounters an error, it will show the error in the log.

Error Screenshots

When a scraper fails, it will take the last page’s screenshot where it failed, to better troubleshoot what went wrong.

Contact us Today to Request a Demo

Contact us Today to Request a Demo
Request a Demo

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