Zarar Ameen

CEO & Founder of CANZ Marketing

Zarar Ameen, Founder, and CEO of CANZ Marketing is a known champ in Building and Implementing Marketing Strategies for increasing revenue at decreased acquisition costs.

He went from broke to the CEO of a successful six-figure marketing agency with the potential to turn client’s traffic figures to dollar figures. Before starting his marketing business at the age of 18, he failed some four attempts of establishing different companies. However, instead of giving up, his determination, learning, and evolving power made him what he is today.

Currently, he is actively involved in the growth of his own company through the extension of his clients. His efforts and success rate has rightfully earned him the title of Facebook Advertising Monster.

1. What is the story behind CANZ Marketing?

Although Canz Marketing is a dream come true, it hasn’t been a no-brainer or a piece of cake. There have been a countless number of sleepless nights, backbreaking days, and uphill battles against myself and the circumstances.

I lost hold of 4 businesses I tried establishing but figured out that none of them was my cup of tea. So there was a lot of struggle involved in figuring out what I wanted to do that I could do as well. Meanwhile, I heard that Digital Marketing was the new talk of the town.

I was so much more-than-interested that I didn’t hesitate to send thousands of emails to the as many marketing ninjas and pros as I could find. As a result, three of them agreed to metamorphose that raw, clueless teen into the nifty digital marketer that I am today.

2. To what do you attribute your success?

While I have mentioned countless times that I owe my success to that fact that I had nothing left to lose in trying one more time, it is my strong will to keep-going that brought me to where I am today.

3. What makes you excited about your workday?

The ability to add zeros in my clients’ revenue, the ability to quadruple their profits. The ability to create a difference in someone’s business and life makes me excited.

 4What are the most significant issues for running this business?

Digital marketing landscape keeps changing every day. The strategies that worked yesterday might not be the most suitable ones today. The plan that works for one business type might not be the answer to the questions another business has.

So we have to evolve and regularly, update to be able to maintain the ROI we promise our clients.

5. How do you utilize web scraping or big data for Canz Marketing?

Web scraping is one right way we keep eyes on our competitors to somewhat shape our strategy & ensure the provision of the best value to our clients.

It helps us have a bit of regular research done to understand the trends. This also helps us understand our clients better and know the real problems our prospects are facing, so we can devise the best solutions for them.

And of course, it is one of the ways we get some of our quality leads.

Above all, it helps us with our SEO efforts in finding the best keywords to address and finding high-quality backlinks.

6. What are the advantages of web scraping services over other methods of data collection?

Web scraping is a relatively inexpensive yet more fast and authentic way of data collection. It is better manageable, and automation makes further easy.

7. What are the criteria you consider when choosing a web scraping service?

The used web scraping service should have the potential to scale, and the price should be competitive, especially with up-scaling. The service should be intelligent enough to counter the anti-scraping mechanism and could be trusted with bypassing such tools. If the data scrapped is of low quality, such a service is useless. Above all, a scrapping service with customer help radially available can be taken as excellent service.

8. How often do you update your database, and why is this important?

We update our database as often as one month, or 45 days at the most. This is important because worn out data can be misleading and we can’t afford that. Moreover, the not-updated data could potentially be lost if not saved in the database.

9. Why, data in general,  is valuable for daily business operations?

Data is the key to future strategies and their executions for a business. For any company and its informed decisions, the research, analysis, and future directions are all based on the quality of the obtained data.

10. If you had one piece of advice for other businesses, what would it be?

In the process of growth and development, you often face unforeseeable circumstances, the challenges that can potentially destroy your drive and determination.

But keep in mind that problems are a blessing provided you keep a positive approach because they make you stronger and better at handling situation.

So keep working for improvement. The day you lose hope could be the day your business begins to come to an end. Period